The CSLB has listed the C-61 classification into “D” categories for administrative tracking. See list below:

D03 – Awnings
D04 – Central Vacuum Systems
D06 – Concrete Related Services
D09 – Drilling, Blasting and Oil Field Work
D10 – Elevated Floors
D12 – Synthetic Products
D16 – Hardware, Locks and Safes
D21 – Machinery and Pumps
D24 – Metal Products
D28 – Doors, Gates and Activating Devices
D29 – Paperhanging
D30 – Pile Driving and Pressure Foundation Jacking
D31 – Pole Installation and Maintenance
D34 – Prefabricated Equipment
D35 – Pool and Spa Maintenance
D38 – Sand and Water Blasting
D39 – Scaffolding
D40 – Service Station Equipment and Maintenance
D41 – Siding and Decking
D42 – Sign Installation
D49 – Tree Service
D50 – Suspended Ceilings
D52 – Window Coverings
D53 – Wood Tanks
D56 – Trenching Only
D59 – Hydroseed Spraying
D62 – Air and Water Balancing
D63 – Construction Clean-up
D64 – Non-specialized
D65 – Weatherization and Energy Conservation

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